Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Cake

Here's my next attempt at fondant. I've always(always...haha, for the last two months that I've been working with fondant :) ) liked the cherry-blossom look on fondant cakes, but I thought it was a little out of my reach yet, and then at Will and Marissa's reception in Roseburg, a friend of theirs made the cake for them, and it had cherry blossoms on it, and I though, hey, she's not a professional baker and she made a cherry blossom cake, maybe I can at least attempt it. So here you's my first cherry blossom cake. It took a lot of time, but turned out pretty well considering. I did have some problems laying the fondant on the corners of the cake, so I just looked it up on-line, and apparently you need to give yourself lots of extra fondant over the edges, and then you don't get that "ruffle" effect. I also found a great video demonstration, so I put a link on the side. So you'll notice how the branches are strategically placed on each corner :) And the great thing about the cake is that it's my mom's yummy German Chocolate cake, and I just put the coconut/pecan frosting in the middle of the cake, then the chocolate buttercream icing for the crumb layer so I could get the taste of German Chocolate, and the smooth look of fondant. So I'm thinking by the time Ronda gets married, I might be up to a wedding watch out Ronda! I'm the crazy aunt that likes to make wedding cakes. :)

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