Sunday, July 13, 2008

Crazy month!

So I've just sat down to put some pictures on the blog again, because it's been so long, and I looked, and it's barely been a month! It has been so crazy...we had the wedding, a week to the coast, Aunty Lea visiting, a reception in Roseburg, and then one at our has been so crazy! I'll put pics up of all of these activities once I get them...Lea has some, Will has some, and then we're waiting for Will and Marissa to get the CD of the wedding pictures. Just a side note, if you need pictures taken, have Chris Becerra do it! He does an amazing job...and he's fun to work with, because he's Chris. :) But the pictures are just beautiful.
So hopefully we'll get some more pics up soon, and if not, once we get settled in Texas I'll update it more. (It's also been a while since I've blogged because Royce installed Linux instead of Windows, and he loves it, and has been fine tweaking his stuff constantly, along with taking over and ruling a barbarian nation, and then today he fell asleep, so I stole the computer from him. :) The day that I walked into the bathroom and he was sitting on the toilet with the computer on his lap, I knew he really was "white and nerdy," but he says that he heard about Mike doing it first, so he figured it was okay. :) )
So enjoy the pictures, and I'll update you on the wedding some more later.


Kelda said...

that's pathetic royce. using your computer in the bathroom. haha. i use mine to watch movies in the bathroom.

The Smiths said...

Holy crap, Emmaline looks like she's 6 years old! You're getting really good at that fondant thing, I wish I knew what it was so I could give it a try:) When are you moving to Texas?