Thursday, April 10, 2008

Poor Little Girl

It has been a crazy couple of days! It all started on Tuesday...Emmaline took a three hour nap (which is not like her...she stopped taking naps about a month ago.) and she felt a little warm in the afternoon. By 11:00 that night, she had a low-grade fever, so we gave her some Tylenol, and she went to sleep. I'm on medication right now that I take only at night, because it knocks me out for at least 8hrs, so I was going to skip my dose so I could kind of keep an eye on her, but Royce wanted me to take it, and he told me he was going to watch out for her. (He is wonderfull!)
It turned out to be a really good thing that he was listening for her, because by about 3 in the morning, I half way wake up and see that Royce has made a nest next to the open window, and is laying down with Emmaline all bundeled up. She had croup! Luckily she had it last year, and I was able to tell him how to treat croup...(it's a viral thing, that causes their breathing passages to become inflamed...which causes the "seal bark" cough, and difficulty breathing. It's always worse at night, but the good thing is that you get them around really cold air, and it reduces the inflammation, and they can breathe's not a very fun thing, and if it gets too bad you have to take them to the ER, because breathing is important :) It's also caused by a virus, so there's no medication to treat the illness, but you can get a shot to treat the breathing problems if it gets bad enough) So anyhow, Royce layed down with her by the open window all night long, and then went to work the next day. I took her to the doctor, and we found out that she has croup, and an ear infection! So we got medicine for the ear, but her breathing was a lot better in the morning, so the doctor wanted to wait and see how that night went before we gave her the Decadron shot. So the poor little thing has been just miserable...all day yesterday, she just sat on my lap, and only got up like 4 times. Then in the evening she got a little perkier, but by last night she was pretty bad again. So I didn't take my pills last night, but Royce still woke up with her before I did, so he slept by the open window again for most of the night, then I woke up and slept with her and he got to sleep for a couple of hours in the bed. But her breathing made me really nervous last night, so Royce gave her a blessing, and her breathing calmed down so much, and she was able to sleep and breathe at the same time. It was such a relief! What a blessing the Priesthood is! And what a blessing it is to have Royce...he has given so many blessings this last year just to our family, and it's such a blessing to have him here, and living his life so that he can do that. What a great guy! And he had to drag himself out of bed again today and go to work...but luckily our little one is doing so much better! She's actually up and playing, and even wants to go to the park. (Obviously it's too soon for that :) ) But between the Tylenol, Amoxacillin, cold air, and the Priesthood, I think we're going to make it! And Emmaline is so good about taking her medicine. She's such a good girl! So there's our last couple of days in a's been such a long week and it's only Thursday! And poor well as staying up with a sick little girl, he had class in Medford on Monday night (we drove him over), and then class in Ashland on Tuesday night, which we were going to drive him there too, but I was just too tired, so he drove himself, and all of this on-top of working with high school students all day long!! He needs a vacation :)


Heather said...
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Heather said...

I agree...Royce is the best! He is such a great guy, and I know that you are just as awesome. You sound like a great mom! I'm glad Emmaline is getting better. It's the worst to see the children you love sick.