Sunday, March 23, 2008

...and this was after church, right after she spilled a big cup of chocolate milk all down her new dress. :)

I found myself kind of frustrated that she had gotten her dress all dirty, but I knew I didn't want to be frustrated with her on Easter, so we tried to make it into something funny, and I thought it would make a good blog story, so I took pictures of her right after we'd thrown her dress in the washing machine (whoohoo, it didn't have to be dry cleaned :) ), and she thought it was pretty funny too, so our blogging saved the day!
Today also helped me to decide how I was going to do her hair for Will's wedding...because her hair won't hold a curl to save her life. So I did the little pig tails with the ribbon, and big bow in front, and Royce brought Emmaline from nursery, and he had spun the bow around so it was in the back, and it was so cute! That boy's got some pretty good taste, I tell you what.


Dani said...

I decided that whenever something like that happens I take pictures too. It makes me not mad and makes for a great story later. She did look awfully cute in and out of her dress. :)

Debbie Brough said...

Tori, I have to tell you that I have thought of this funny post on many occasions in the last couple of weeks. When Landon has been up to mischief, I've thought to myself, 'don't get mad - take a picture!' :)