Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Okay, so I'm not a very good blogger because I don't write a bunch of stuff, but I just kind of like to post pictures, but Royce is gone right now, and I'm lonely already! Normally at night we sit and talk for a while, just about our days, or really just about anything, but he flew to Texas this morning, and I seem to need to talk! He even comes back tomorrow (really late) but I still miss him so much! I've made Emmaline play with me all day, and we've had a really good day together, but we still miss Daddy. And I realized tonight that I haven't really kept a journal very well since we've gotten married(except for my personal progress journal), but I think it's because Royce's brain is now my journal:) Take tonight, for example. I was in charge of mutual and we watched the Testaments, and it was a really neat, but also sad experience for a couple of different reasons, but I was driving home thinking about it, and normally I would talk to Royce about all of it, but it was 11:30 his time, and he had gone to bed, and so I came home and was kind of uneasy until I wrote it in my journal. I'm not saying that it's Royce's fault that I havn't kept a better's not at all. Royce is really good about encouraging me to do good things. So in a way it's been good to have this experience so that I will write in my journal more. I really like how...oh crud, I think it was Wilford Woodruff...I don't remember exactly, but whoever it was I liked how he said that he couldn't rest until he wrote down the day's activities. I think he kept a journal every day of his life since he joined the Church, and I think that's where they got a lot of the Church history/information for that time was from his journal. But you know, don't quote me because I could be way wrong...the video "The Mountain of the Lord," and Church History Institute classes are kind of ringing a bell...but I could have just mixed two people together. Or I could just be smoking crack. Just kidding. So I guess the lesson for tonight...keep a journal...and don't let your husband leave town! (Or I guess you could just give him lots of love when he gets back)


Heather said...

It's so funny how every time you say "Royce" I think, "who? Oh, you mean Kimmons?" :) I need to get to know him by his first name still!

"Royce" is a very cool guy and I can imagine you miss him very much. I love your blog! It's nice to "hear" what's going on with your family. Emmaline is adorable!

~Heather (from Royce's mission)

Adam B said...

Yup! It was Wilford Woodruff. Good memory. :) It's been so long since I've seen you guys. I miss you. Robert's getting married this summer, so I'm the only one left who's still single! AahhH!!

Beck Family said...

I'm so glad you found our blog. Thanks for leaving a message. Your little girl is adorable!